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»»»Monday, June 1, 2015 @ 01:15
So yeah everyone is busy packing their stuffs and so on to their university.most of my friends get same dateline for the registration thing.im different ,14 june
Cuz myb im polytech student cey.
Mixed feelings here.there and everywhere.some excitement,worry,sad,happy,joys and 
Haih so much thing needs to settle up and so much thing needs to think and planning for myself to be a 4flat student blablabla ok this is just a metaphor plus some hyperbole lols
So here the title given is totally to whoever that doesnt like me or pretending to like me in front but in my back talking bullshit about me or to whoever that never get enough words to condemning and judging me heh.
Mostfully ,a faker.ups no FAKERS.
I dont have a time to satisfy you and do ur favor.i dont need to be sarcastic of whatever u said about me
Because i dont want to look stupid.
I never want to that no more.
Keep doing anytg like u want to do.
Like bashing me at your friends there and there like yeah u can pretend to be good in front of me but im not stupid.
Aku kesian sebab tak pernah sedar diri
And tak pernah ubah mulut longkang pecah tu bila nak baiki?
Making bad story about me to let me down? Haha aku tak kisah la.
U do that because u r afraid ,nobody want to be ur friend? Or myb ur friends leaving u?
Still a coward.just be friend to all people,is that a sin? 
Ni dak hidup dalam kelompok masing2 ingat sistem kabilah ka apa?
You guys really have to win an award of a best actor and actress.
Too much dramas.pity..what a shame.
So funny.
Since when asking for apology means that she/he want you? 
People apologize because their mistakes.
And dont want to burdened with sins.
Im sorry for everything.
Im never be good,im still fix myself
Never good enough,Bcause im not perfect.
I have so much thing to do and recovery myself.
You guys just a waste of time ;)
P/s : pls del all the screenshot of my photos .thanks for making fun of others and never feels guilty. I hope God give you His way.
A right way