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»»»Wednesday, June 10, 2015 @ 04:00
Its a long time im not been here lols
Ok actually this post kinda like my confession and thought la maybe.
Past few weeks kot ive seen this pic and i rt-ed it haha.
Its about everything that we have stop to do but then we repeat it again.
Its like a mistakes that we repeat again.
I think its not a mistakes.its a choice.
And its sad because we repeat it.
It smtg like we called istiqamah.
You know its easy to change but 
To be istiqamah in that changing phase I think that would not be that easy cheese.
Its sad that we try not to do but still do.
Im not saying im fully istiqamah...
Im in that phase.a failure...:(
U know that feeling...in ur heart..its feels uneasy..its feels like why i still do?!
Ive managed not to before but the why did I do now?!
U feels like u r lost..and u have fail in ur life.u dont even know what to do.its smtg myb like mencarut..yeah susah kan?
Or anytg else that makes u feels guilty and sinsful..
I know this is not the only me feels this way..
I hope you guys doing fine
And be better everyday every upcoming morning.
Just a simple question to keep remind yourself "sampai bila nak macamni"
And then u will feels the aura lol.
I bet every of u will have this kind of aura where you dont want ur life have a bad ending,i mean die in avail.
U know what i mean about right?
;) lihat la cermin banyak2,bagus sbnrnya.