Undisclosed Desires,
Bonjour xx.Called as Liya.Im still growing.
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»»»Monday, May 18, 2015 @ 04:18
Hi i hope u r doing fine there bby.
Haha the thing is i cant sleep rn.
Im stuck,just scrolling ig,tweets and stalking people.
People are so pretty .hope you have a great life haha! Lol
Actually this post is about him.just want to let all out whats in my thought.heh if u dont want to read,just go ahead because it might make you faint or throw up with dizzy lol.
I wonder why i never met you earlier before..
I believe ,its not easy to meet a right person.you have to cope with difficulties.
It's not easy to have a person that completely can accept with the all of you without complains.
Its not about perfection,Or instead of never commented you when you do wrong or even ignore your fault.
Its about acceptance.
Accepting the darkside of a person,their past,and their bright-side too.
Its doesnt mean that you have to accept him/her when she/he did wrong.No,
That is call forgiving.
Im glad since the day I get to know you
And still.
Im glad that I have you in my life.
Nobody know how suck and bad was my life before..drowning in stupid thought that make the memories keep haunting me.that was totally stupid thing to keep and reminiscing back then.
Sinking in a broken-heart and broken soul.
But if I didnt been through that,I never met you now.i never be this stronger.
Thanks for giving me some time to built up everything back with you b.
Thanks for your courage and effort for me and us.
Haha somehow you annoy me much with "youre pretty" "beautiful girl" You never tired to praise me all time doh.
Hahahaha punny.
I know i hurt you so much in one time ..
But i never mean it tho.
Thanks for being patient with my unexpected mood and so on.
Thanks for so much surprises and i hate it sometimes haha..because
I never want to burden your life even if 1% just because of me.
 You still choose to laugh even if u hurt.
I know. That so long "hahahaha" in text.
Im sorry i make u hurt and jealous in one time just because of some lil thing.
I love you so much as wide as the sky was.
As much as the stars glowing at the night,
As bright as the Sun shining for the Earth
I never thought that I would have this kind of 101 partner in my life.
You are definition of perfect in my life because youre the missing puzzle that complete me;)
He has all that I desired for.
Thanks mal<3