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»»»Friday, May 29, 2015 @ 01:34
Yeah im here again haha yela sini jelah mana lagihhhhh kan.
Last week i had fun with my classmates.
Guess what.. Bbq !!! But there was 3 girls that join that moment including me.
But thats doesnt a matter but a matter for me because its supposed to be 5 arif complete! But only half of the class i guess.erm 70% approximate percent haha!
Heres the piccha! Haha looks at our eyes ,feels like an owl la.
Im a bit frust cuz they cant finish my potatoes! :( because we were too full.
Thanks for the commitment to make this plan success and went well.
Im gonna leave my place in just a few days.seriously,im not ready mentally,physically,and emotionally are not well prepare..
Hearing about "engineering" is a tough course make me like what if i fail,extend sem,repeat paper .too much "what if" in my mind.Im worry if i cant suit myself with the surrounding ,people and in making friends because im not a snob or so choosing in making friends..
Its just me shy..and maybe low selfconfident to start the conversation.
Kena la dengan muka yg cold dan garang ni ada ke kawan? Hahah
Hopefully they doesnt judge that physical appearance in picking up friends.
Hopefully to get "satu kepala" roomate and coursemate.
Congrats bby ,at last ,u finally have chance to go for ipta.
Poli jugak! Haha jodoh tapi masih jauh 
Ipoh dan perlis.dangggg~
Surely ,we will busy..thats normal
I can accept the fact.
But never fall to someone else please?
Im waiting every sec for you.
Haha *huh sembilu
To whoever that still stay with me,
Keep staying,because i love you guyszz so much.
Dont ever forget about me and us
Even if we will continue our study.
I love natela leana.
My bros
Im gonna miss our good moments..