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»»»Tuesday, May 12, 2015 @ 01:57
Assalam! Hi hello haha yes not really hectic day,just saja buat terok skit.
Ok actually I baru ja freshly resigned as partime promter thestore..so so tired and i cant suit myself with that surrounding bukan aku jenis memilih just strict gila..yeah because i prefer work in fun and happy daripada work in stress because salary tu banyak mampus.
Not bad la 4.30$ per hour.
I got offer from politeknik ungku omar inengineering  in electric and electronic.i dont even expect to get this because yeah I dont really into it.but Alhamdulillah..
It is the most tough engineering course.
I dont know whether i can do this or nah
also got offer from kptm in tesl.
Im speechless and numb.which one i should choose:(.its hard to decide..
Tesl (too many students taking this and too many competiton will affect job tendency) 
Engineering (males..hard and tough to carry on..myb end in halfway..stress)
Yeah nothing will be that easy right.
Im stuck in between these two.
Actually kptm in cheras..i kinda dont like that surrounding in kl.idk y.
But if others can do it why we cant?
Oh yeah to whoever think that 
Im so clingy to apologize or think that i want to take advantage on you,
Thts you..
Im sorry if tht make u think like that towards me.
I just want to die peacefully later.
Because we dont even know wht had written about us..death.
Myb this sounds cliche but think twice.
Yang mana cakap aku tak ikhlas tu ,itu hang pulak dengan tuhan.
I already forgive and forget..
I apologize because i want to not because of i want ppl to accpt me in their life or to please other.
I do wrong so i should
I do sins.
Is that a bad thing ?