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»»»Thursday, April 16, 2015 @ 00:28
So guess what..im officially 18 lady ! Phew!nothing special , nothing much.didnt have a big celebration pun or any cake because i take it easy&simple lol.just enjoy with the food hihi
Currently just waiting to continue further study which i dont know where to go.
It's such a hard decision i have to make by my own self.
I choose tesl,english communication to be my course but i dont know and dont even sure if this decision is right.
I have a lot of interest such as in arts,culinary,engineering,architecture.
It's hard to be me.damn but also i feels enthusiasm at the same time umH.
Oh yeah i hope so tak dapat area kl or selangor or yg terdekat dengan sana.
I have to face up many thing that comes and go.i feels in despair haih.
And i must find a job because yeah i need to settle up so much thing.
And what i depress about here was it's hard to get a job here! Perlis!!! Argh
Tambah-tambah yang lekat"job vacancy"
Aku pergi tanya kata takde,wtf..
Baik tak payah lekat and i was like my face looks like a monster or what-.-
But he still there saying"dont worry"
"You dont have to work "
"Im here for you,dont worry"
Hm heh but still in worries TTvTT
I fed up actually..but you still want me to do so.:( 
Haih everything seems complicated.
I hate this feeling...
Well happy18 dearself
Stay happy stay gold