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»»»Friday, April 3, 2015 @ 02:48
Hi helo hola im updating now haha ,r u notice me not? Ok .
Last few days I was scrolling my notes.Its funny when reading that old broken heart notes dedicate to smeone tht broke my hopes.well my fault for trusting too much hm.I found that was really pathetic and ridiculous.literally ew disgusting hahaha!
But somehow it make me realized that i should be thankful to Allah because from that i bcome stronger.an army for myself.
Because no matter what happens,life goes on nigga!and yeah accept the fate.
"Redha" thts it eventho its difficult at first but later you will be fine.trust me;)
So actually ive been thinking wearing braces because my upper line of teeth are not okay.there is a gap.and its make me looks like jongang:( .its look like more gap then before :(.
Im so happy ajmal help me to fulfill my wish! Hehe he settle up thing with the doctor and set an appointment for me which on this upcoming saturday.tomorrow! 
Ah i cant im just so happy.thanks a lot baby!acocoih hahahaha!
Ive heard this one phrase where its said "mcm mana nak dpt lg baik kalau xboleh lepas dan tak boleh terima hakikat yang lepas" 
This is so true.if you learn not to let go,its you that create the problem.saddened soul,broken,fragile and whatsoever.
Im saying this not only in "relay""love" context ok.its all thing that happened in your life.Theres hikmah or reason behind that.i dont know how to explain but you should read "Tuhan sedang menguji kita" by Ustaz Kazim Elias. 
InsyaAllah may Its help you to whoever that reading my blog rn.
Im not saying im acting good or whatever im just want to help.tak rugi pun kan.
Theres too many thing that make You happy.youre sad or happy because you choose it.
Im trying to fix myself.im not like what on ur mind.im bad ..haih
Why im so emotional tonight uhm uhm sorry hahah!
I love ur high cheekbone and ur jaw line.
Can i have it ? :<