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»»»Thursday, March 5, 2015 @ 00:48
Assalam !
Fuh dah bleh habih dah kot pasal result spm 2014...
Congrats to everyone.
Congrats to me hahaha whatever~
But first i think that takpyah nak blame orang lain sbb dapat result mcm ni or cmtu.Maybe tak murah sgt rezeki kali ni.
Im happy always try to be happy.
But some little thing make me down to the core.
Its hurt and the most sad part is 
Knowing your parents get disappointed because of you..i know...
The way my mother talk to me.
Its different.im sorry i cant make u proud at this time ma..
Such a tough year for me..
And then you get to be compared with other is sucks.
But i believe that behind these thing My mom want me to be sucess..
I believe in Allah plans for me is the best.
This is a test for me because He know i can make it.I will be put more effort in future.
Regrets ? Of course bcause i cant make my family proud of me.but this is not the end of everything.chill pill haha!
I will be one who will recieve Dekan on my next step.i will do..
I will never stop.i will make it and reach it.
To those lovely people who stand by me
Thankyou for not giving up on me and believe in me.
Ain,deanna,sya ,izzah,madro,daniel,ayuni..
And semua la.
Sayang too..ajmal zawawi....
Ps/madro punya ceramah ke aku mmg mntap hahaha tak sangka.even we r not that close..you are here whenever im down to core.
Will miss u guys :'(
Oh yeah happy birthday sayang !!
Iloveyou!!!!hehe :B