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Bonjour xx.Called as Liya.Im still growing.
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»»»Thursday, March 12, 2015 @ 23:52
Aish seriously miss my old body shape haha:(
Need to start back from the beginning
Squad half squad blablabla ugh.i really miss slim tummy and thigh.huh...
Okay okay.since i quit my job tmrw.
Yes.aha so i will settle up my preparation for uni thingy and stuff.i hate this part lol.
Well actually i got a text from dilog/dts for aircraft maintenance interview.
How i wish my mom stop telling me that im only get 4As..seriously 
I need supports and a shoulder..from family:'(
I need to opinions and views from em.
Theyre my priority:(
But my mom doesnt undrstand my condition.can you just end about spm thing..ive done my best ma..i did.
Its hurt a lot when you have been compared to others.
Aku takpa kalau orang lain takpi hal family aku tak boleh.
Tambah2 parents.mak..
Abah aku rileks.dia melawak ke serious aku pon tak boleh banding.well its seems like only my dad can accpt all the flaws in me.accpt what ive got.
Im done.im tired crying for the same thing.
I get weak and fall again.its hard manh...
Im so down to the core .....
Maybe my dua'a was heard by Allah.
Yeah.myb He test me bcause of kifarah.
Or myb He want me to get know and get closer to Him.
Im ready and Redha for all thing He destiny for me.
Thanks ajmal.youre my strength.
Youre there and always everywhere.
Thanks for never being tired of me.
And u r cute .and lovely
Haha macam tak kena ja hahahahaha ok
Im so sleepy :< and my eyes puffy
Hurr :(