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»»»Friday, March 20, 2015 @ 00:38
Well ive been not blogging for a long time..haha im sorry because im so depressed and not in kind of any mood.
What i really do is..lock my self in my own room.and I dont really have any mood to go out to everywhere..just staying up at home all day long.Its such a weird thing that happen on me because I really enjoy goin out with my friends.
But lately just fill up my time watching television and yes fuck astro for boring programme...so just watching 712 E! Haha current addiction lol heheh 
Ok so i have so many thing to do since im free and dont know to do what.
I want to go for sewing class at kemas.
And study back all grammar thing.
Gain some self confidence ..bcause yeah im lack of it.i never talk in front of audience..but its necessary and such a priority when we r in Uni life :( .sucks i hate this.i dont know how to communicate bcause of anxiety that kill me not fear huh... Lol
I miss my school so much..i miss the bad and good moments there.
I miss so much my crazy classmate and most annoying classmate ever i had.
2 years was not enough .i enjoy form4&5 so much even i hate em(boys) because they are so irritating but some of em are my best fucking friend(daniel said tho)
Hahahaha! I cant even move on to miss my class:(..i wish i could rewind evrything..
I wish they will not change..i mean being snobbish and fucker lol haha!
I wish they stay crazy and annoying..because the most hurtful thing was the most thing we could miss ,and the most annoying thing are the most we couldnt forget lol ..
Im sorry if you feels like im a bitch because i ve more {guy} friend than girls.
Girls so complicated and dramas.
I admit it bcause ive been through it.But that is not mean im sharing everything with boys lol-.-
I dont know but im glad to have em.
:) even tho theyre so annoying as fuck.
But im glad too that my girls are not complicated bcause theyre just like me.
I mean same mind and thought lol!
And i call em "pancaroba" "shemale"
Bcause they r not so complicated than any fucking bitch with full of dramas.
Wow i babbling so much hah. Haha sorry
But i do miss mal too..
My beginning from my sucks and horrified past.
My ending to my pain.
My cure to every hurt.
My strength whenever i feels down
And a sweet dream from my fucking nightmare..
Ajmal is so amazing hehe eventho he talk a lot tht doesnt make any sense lol!
But i like it :B