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»»»Monday, March 23, 2015 @ 00:08
Fuh so exhausted.. Tired..
April is coming..my day i mean my special day on april is around the corner!
Ah i just love 14teen heheks 
Sounds chicky ! Ahah 
So basically, I spend my day almost on my bed..tv..and food.(less eat nowadays dono y) and struggling to get fit and slim tummy.curvy body shape ,v shape ,v line lol.why so exciting lieyaaa. Chill out ...
Because i dono what to do so yeah body goal is on working it! 
"Friends" on this post again haha because i miss em much lewlzz
Ok start with...
Ain-shes stronger.ive been with her since form 1.until she quit from mrsm and now.
Shes kind and very patient..independence..and always with her good ideas in everything.pretty and never want anybody knw what had she been through..because shes so strong girl.
Deana- shes a joker.waterproof water resistance with any sarcasm or words making she down.good in hiding her problems..always attach to person that i dono myb they dont apprciate her :(
I hate to knw that when smbdy hurt her.
sya- shes just another twin of me.
Same thought and ideas.shes cold sometimes and make me scare to talk to her.very talkactive and mudah terhibur with my fucking jokes HAHA!
Matured and shes dont give a fuck about everything lol .shes just being happy and dont gve a shit about others.
Izzah- shes so lovely.adorable.and very funny.she always laugh at my jokes haha:( .cute! And strong enough to handle her problem without telling to anybody..
Yep shes always in a boat with me.
Same thought :) and forgiving.
So so positive <3 
Daniel-my boy.haha! He is smart.fucking brilliant and great.He never care what on others mind.he just do his own thing and chill out.i hate him because his so clever..i envy whenever he said "relax lah dont study.kita enjoi" hahaha wtf and there he come with many A's.fuckiu.
He always there for me whenever i need some opinions and help.too kind to handle and naughty lol this sound gay haha! And yeah he's gentle man .so lady stay away from him.cuz i had fall for him when i was in form 4 haha! 
Afif(redz)-he is so funny as fuck.his spontaneous jokes always make me burst out tears and rofl hahahaha!
And he might be so irritating because he love to fart whenever he get the oppurtinity haha! Well i love his style of being himself. Cool! This is awkward haha!! Yeah he have that good voice in singing and thats y i call him akim!
Afif(madro)-he is kinda a brother that protect me.he always there whenever i need.matured enough until i might call him "bapak orang" hahahaha!he is funny.and he never want to burden ppl with his problem.so so so independence.
And sometimes..he might be so mad in just a blink of eye.so fast..but he still can handle it.he always help me in motivate me whenever im down.he never forget me until now.good son to his family.i salute him :)
Nurhan-he is funny in silence! Lol i could say this because he with his jokes never fail to make me laugh.sometimes he can be so "pretty" boy haha!!!he is a good friend and listener to keep with:)
And very kind! Cant call him a "badass or badboi" haha 
Raqib- ok this is so funny...why him?
Bcause he is good in advising.he and his quotes never get old.he is so good in teasing people...he is smart and always love his girlfriend haha! 
Anis and farisha..they never fade away in my mind.theyre so kind to me.always spreading positive  vibes.good listener and good in advising.so inspiring yet creative in art! I love em so much.so feminine hehe but anis more to boyish smh.hehe because anis love football.shes cool lady!
Well too many good person to describe :(
Dont frget Dinie and Nurin too.theyre the best friends to chill out.and stress free.
Theyre too kind yet so so so honest 
Original and so pretty lads.Funny as fuxk hahaha especially dinie hehe:B