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»»»Thursday, February 26, 2015 @ 22:55
Hahaha hi
Haih mood update malam ni.
Okay to everyone who judge me why him or whoever la i want to be with
Just fuck you
Why bother my freakin life huh -.-
Whatever.i dont care haha ppl never stop
Judging :)
So i knw him from a tuition class .
Yes i only took addmth class last year for my spm.bcause i dont want to burden my parents.eventho they want me to take for other subject extra class too.
I just took what i really cannot and less skills.cewah puih hahahaha 
We have never been talking before.
Until one day we meet in wechat..
I just start the cnvstion to ask and make sure wether he is my ex tuition mate hahahahah!!!
And then nothing more to talk and i greet him bye haha -.-
But he keep babbling ugh.
And theres the beginning until one day
He confess for me what he feels for
And ask for me to be his gf.
I was like erm .idk what to say but
I never trust guy at tht moment.
Sorry you hahaha :< 
But afterall the efforts u have done to me
Meet up my parents
Sneak out just to buy and send me some food when im hungry
Send me to my work place and back to my home..
And telling his whole family about me..
Ok tht part really make me feels shame..
You managed to make me trust on you :)
Please less sugar.i tak larat diabetes 
Youre so kind and so cute :(
can i eat you? Hahaha
Ok ok whatever is..
Thanks for accpt me with all the flaws i have.
Im so glad.
Im so proud with ur effort..
Never get tired to say thing to make me feels calm.
And "nak liya..liya jadi isteri mal."
Thts so cute of you and telling ur mom everyday that u want to get married with me hahaha i kenot :(((( secute
 Haha same mole :b