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»»»Thursday, February 26, 2015 @ 22:31
Hahaha haha so long time ago wahahahaha cool right
Yeah i had already delete all those freakin post.ouch so gross out.
Haha reading back those all post really make me throw up and laugh out loud wahaha ewrgh!!
So first everytg goes so fast.nxt week will determine wether to be happy or sad.
Scarry as fck..but all can i do is tawakal.ntg more and pray too yeah
next "so fast" is to anybody that saying to smeone who was already broke up and
at last find a new partner or happiness or wtv "love".
Screw u up for saying "weh cepatnya dia dapat pegganti"
Seriously..you can say whatever u want but u never been in my shoes.
So u dont knw what i have been through ok?
Of course you might said "kata cinta tp at last cpt je dpt"
You dont know how long im waiting for nothing?
False hopes?
Waiting for everytg to back to normal.
Its hard.to fix once its broken.
Like a glass u throw up and find a glue to stick up..
U know that feeling when u have done so much and he still
Doin nothing and keep ignoring u.
Wheres the term of appreciate ?
And once u realise have been putting so much effort
And you feels like myb youre the only one hoping for it to be ok
And yeah you will move on.
Even you feels so reluctant to do so because u really want to wait and keep waiting
Because you think that u have that strong feeling not to give up la blablablabla
But you have to.
Come on ..even a married couple also get divorced and then find someone new
You know term of "jodoh"
Believe in his plan.
I know why God put me in that really unwanted situation before.
I trust.i believe..He gonna give me a rainbow after a rain.
Im talking not only in this kind of thing but in everything that He test me.
He knw the best afterall :)
Life goes on people!
Im starting to get away from all negative thing in my mind.
Postive vibe pls :p
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