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»»»Friday, February 27, 2015 @ 23:43
Hi :B a few day left till the result will be announced arghhhhh i kenot ..
Tryna chill but yeah never get off from this mind la.Pray that me and all my friends get the best result! 9a+++ is too impossible for me.i know im not in that category.sheeesh t,t too late to be disappointed.haih whatever hahahaha
Life goes on.
So im gonna quit my job sooner.Ya allah time fly so fast.rasa berat ja nak berenti.because aunty dengan uncle are too kind.kak melia,pyza and amy too.
Im gonna miss that bakery..There are a lot of memories and and experiences i gained.
Tambah2 masa raya cina.fuh terasa boss haritu hahahaha.pls help me thinking when should i quit :(((( .aaaaaaa confusing.im scare of boring because im not that kind of yang reti dok diam.im not hahaha i will find smething to do even when im at home lol.
hahahahaha im so gonna miss this.:(
Oh anyways ajmal face like mawar rashid's pokpah hahahaha i kenot😂
Uhm but not really.muka ajmal gengster pailang 666.syazwan rosli my mom said.Ha ha ha ha.i wish the best for us awi! 
P/s miss you sorry cant meet you like u want to.hm